About Andy, the Wild Zorba catcher on a unicycle.

Well, it all started in April of 1962.
On a Thursday evening, 16-minutes before 8 PM. I arrived to take my first breath, air was the stuff that got me started. As the night turned into morn, air was still the first thing on my list of things that I never wanted to do without. To me, breathing felt so nice and so very easy as to something I would want to keep doing.


As I grew, I yearned for the kind of air that came from trees. My whole being thrived from one deep breath to the next as air filled my lungs and turned my blood deep Red. Knowing that I could always get fresh air if I was outdoors, life for me was as Tarzan liked it, treetop to treetop.

Time flew past and by the time I could climb trees, I found that swimming was an amazing endeavor as well. To transmit your body boundless against a somewhat solid liquid and to propel forward or to swivel in reverse was next to exhilarating as was swinging from limb to limb or clinging to a rope swing.

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